What has to do project management with social good?

Apparently, project management and social good may seem like two different worlds, hardly destined to meet. Project managers locked in their offices struggling with their reports, their meetings and their projects. Social workers engaged in the front line to face emergencies, to handle difficult situations and to pursue their non-profit and humanitarian organizations.

And what if just the projects of the non-profit associations were managed with the tools and the techniques of project management? It would be easier to attain their results with the limited resources available.

It is exactly the purpose, along with other objectives, of the Foundation for Education PMIEF® (Project Management Institute Educational Foundation) of PMI®. The foundation operates since 1990 in the United States and promotes the knowledge and the use of project management for the social good in the world.

The invitation to the project managers to work on social projects was launched during the seminar “The PMIEF foundation of the Project Management Institute: social initiatives and university scholarships” (brochure and photos), which was held on May 22, 2015 at the headquarters of Engineering of the University of Naples, Italy, “Federico II”, and explained how project management can concretely support non-profit organizations and NGOs in the implementation of initiatives, both technical and social, in any sector, and how the training in this discipline is fundamental for the personal and professional growth.

Here are some examples of PMIEF® activities, resources and programs that ensure the opportunity to have access to adequate education and knowledge, in the field of project management and in related disciplines such as engineering, economics and information technology, even to those with limited financial resources, being them individuals, associations or communities, from the point of  view of the global sustainability:

  • Programs and resources for students from primary school to high school and for their teachers;
  • Academic scholarships for university degrees, Master’s degrees and PhD programs;
  • Scholarships for training in project management for practitioners, teachers and educators;
  • Training in project management for social and humanitarian workers;
  • Resources intended for non-profit associations (non-profits) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  • Resources for personal growth and for everyday life.

All information and materials are available at the PMIEF® website.

Here are some useful references:

The Foundation PMIEF® is based on the contribution of volunteers and donors from around the world. To receive updates, you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter (Newsletter Signup top right).

For donations, you can connect to the website or to the video.

To improve the environmental, social and economic conditions of the society, the right to study should be ensured, the education widespread and the knowledge shared.

Paola Morgese, PMP
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
M.S. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering


Translation of the article Paola Morgese “Cosa ha a che fare il project management con il bene sociale” published in the blog of Sostenibile.com.




Author: progettisostenibili Paola Morgese

Ingegnere, project manager, autrice. Convogliatrice di sostenibilità nelle aziende e nella vita. Engineer, project manager, author. Conveyer of sustainability in business and life

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