What manipulators do not do

This is what people, who really love you, do, and that manipulators will never do for you, spontaneously and without expecting anything, material or emotional, in return:

  • They care about you and assist you when you are sick;
  • They are at your side in difficult times;
  • They take care of what you care about, for instance children, pets, plants, house, and savings;
  • They make you feel safe, both physically and emotionally;
  • They  act responsibly in the economic field;
  • They rejoice at the time spent with you;
  • They get excited and support your dreams and your plans for the future;
  • They keep their word;
  • They listen to you and respond with understanding, sensitivity and affection when you tell them your concerns, your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions;
  • They rejoice at your success;
  • They care about your happiness.

That is exactly what people, who unconditionally love you, instinctively do.

You may not know it, if you have not yet encountered them in your life.

If you start treating yourself that way, for the law of attraction or of resonance, you will surround yourself with people acting the same way and your life will improve. Sure, it will improve!

Paola Morgese, PMP
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
M.S. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

Translation of the Italian blog post: Paola Morgese, “Cosa non fanno manipolatori e manipolatrici


Author: progettisostenibili Paola Morgese

Ingegnere, project manager, autrice. Convogliatrice di sostenibilità nelle aziende e nella vita. Engineer, project manager, author. Conveyer of sustainability in business and life

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