The Ashtanga Yoga of Claudio

To be free from emotional manipulation requires care, attention and simple daily actions.

Among these daily exercises there is the practice of one or more holistic disciplines, which you can choose from those that you like the most and consider the most effective for your case and for your personality.

Let us know them better.

Today it is the turn of the Ashtanga Yoga of Claudio.

Claudio Astuto has been teaching yoga in London for two years and has the good fortune to practice every day under the guidance of his master.

Question: “How, when and why have you become fond of this discipline?”.

Answer: “I became particularly fond of the practice during a travel to India four years ago, where I had the good fortune to meet my Guru and to be guided to the discovery of this ancient discipline from its true source”.

Question: “What are its main benefits?”.

Answer: “The physical benefits of yoga are countless, but the real gift that this practice has to offer is the opportunity to look inside yourself”.

Question: “What simple exercise could you suggest us for a daily practice?”.

Answer: “The sun salutation. Repeated at least 5 times every day”.

Question: “What is your personal message for those who want to break free from manipulation?”.

Answer: “Yoga gives you the opportunity to free yourself from any cage, both physical and mental. Practice and everything happens”.

Thanks Claudio!

Ashtanga yoga is what I practice every day, as a beginner. It is a style of yoga fluid, dynamic, and lively. It makes you sweat. It starts with sun salutations, continues with the standing postures, then with the sitting postures and ends with ground poses. It is formed by many series with increasing difficulties and is often at the edge of contortionism and of acrobatics. I thought that I did not like yoga, until I met this style, which is just for me. It works on body, mind and spirit. The benefits on the body arrive immediately, as well as those on the mind. Those on the spirit, that is on the energy, arrive suddenly during the practice and are amazing.

Namastè 🙂

Paola Morgese, PMP
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
M.S. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

Translation of the Italian blog post: Paola Morgese, L’Ashtanga Yoga di Claudio



Author: progettisostenibili Paola Morgese

Ingegnere, project manager, autrice. Convogliatrice di sostenibilità nelle aziende e nella vita. Engineer, project manager, author. Conveyer of sustainability in business and life

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