Sustainability lessons

Here you will find how I can help you with sustainability in projects.

If you are looking for general information, you can visit the website sustainableprojectsblog  at the sections project management, business blog and business documents. You will find various resources available at no cost.

For further information and for more details, you can read the book “Handbook for Sustainable Projects – Global Sustainability and Project Management”.

If you are a practitioner and want to be more competitive in your job or want to meet new needs of your customers, I can teach you all about sustainability in projects. I can explain to you what global, that is environmental, social and economic, sustainability is and how to apply it to your projects through an organized and structured methodology. I can show you how to incorporate the principles and the values of sustainability in project management. Your work will benefit from it, because you will learn a holistic analytical approach, that is inclusive, which will provide you a more detailed framework, both general and particular. You will have a clearer and more complete picture of the context in which you are, of the results to be obtained, and of how to reach them, and you can make your decisions with greater awareness and serenity. You can open up your career to new perspectives.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to project your company towards a sustainable, or even vegan, future, I can help you on this journey. I can show you how to make your business globally sustainable in the economic, social and environmental field. I can explain to you how and what new analysis parameters to take into account in assessing also recent risks, such as those linked to climate change. I can help you taking your company, with your products and services, closer to new customer requests. Consumers are increasingly informed, they read labels, compare opinions and are increasingly demanding sustainability. For this reason, if you want to satisfy them, you can expand your knowledge and make your company attentive, aware and up to date, guaranteeing prosperity and growth to it in the long term.

In summary, if you are ready to take action, whether you are a practitioner, who wants to invest on your own knowledge, or you are an entrepreneur, who wants to meet the new needs of your customers, send me a message with the subject “Everything on sustainability in projects” and write me briefly your motivations and your goals.

Thanks to all those who will give their personal or professional contribution to this journey towards a sustainable world and society.

Paola Morgese, PMP
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
M.S. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering



Author: progettisostenibili Paola Morgese

Ingegnere, project manager, autrice. Convogliatrice di sostenibilità nelle aziende e nella vita. Engineer, project manager, author. Conveyer of sustainability in business and life

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