The Bach Flowers for Animals of Federica

Narcissistic abuse, or emotional manipulation, is a real trauma, both for the victims and for their pets.
They too have the need and the right of being helped to face and to overcome this upsetting event with natural remedies.

Let us know them better.

Today it is the turn of the Bach Flowers for Animals of Federica.

Federica Roano is a dog trainer and a consultant in Bach Flowers for people (BFRP) and for animals (BFRAP). She works on the resolution of behavioral problems of animals through the use of Bach Flowers, and for the personal growth of the owner and of the pet with the analysis of the relationship that links them together.

Question: “How, when and why have you become fond of this natural remedy?”.

Answer: “I knew of their existence in a book about dog training. Although their use had been just mentioned in a case study, I was immediately attracted by these remedies. A few days later, I started my own training and there a path begun that is still to be completely explored!”.

Question: “What are its main benefits for our animals?”.

Answer: “The close relationship with one’s own pet affects its emotions, making the animal as the mirror of the emotions of the owner and bringing to light the most hidden emotions of the owner. The anomalous behaviors of animals (what we call “behavioral problems”) contain unresolved situations, pains and fears of the owners, which they send back to us through a behavior of their own species.
Through the observation of the problems of your pet, you can recognize yourself and your difficulties in the animal. In the majority of the cases, all the parties that are involved in the relationship take the Bach Flowers.
The quality of life significantly improves for the whole family: a dog that is aggressive, anxious, and hyperactive, that chases its tail, or that is afraid of people or of other dogs (these are just a few examples of the behavioral issues that we can treat with the flowers), for sure lives moods that are unpleasant (then keeping the pet away from serenity), and it makes more difficult the management for the owners. Why live badly a relationship, which could be wonderful?”.

Question: “What simple use could you suggest us for the emotional balance of our family pets?”.

Answer: “One of the best known remedies is the Rescue Remedy and it is used in case of emergency, during or after a shocking event that has disturbed our pet.

It can be used both for emotional shocks:

  • To help a dog to recover from the fear of an aggression by another dog;
  • If the animal has been run over;
  • If a puppy has a negative experience with something that, on the contrary, should become familiar, for instance people or other dogs, cars, bicycles, veterinarian, etc.;
  • If the pet is afraid of fireworks;
  • If it loses a loved one;

and for physical shocks:

  • Insect bites;
  • Burns;
  • Sudden collision;
  • Bites of other animals that created a trauma but not a laceration;
  • Muscle pains due to stress excess of the affected area;
  • Skin abrasions.

Rescue Remedy is one of the few remedies that has this double and so explicit effect. In fact, normally, the Bach flowers are used exclusively to balance emotions while, for health problems, you have to undergo a medical examination”.

Question: “What is your personal message for people, who want to break free from manipulation?”.

Answer: “I believe that no one else has expressed the concept of freedom better than Bach: “Our true desires, the longings of our true self, must not be confused with aspirations and desires of other people, which are so often set up in our mind (or consciousness, which is another word for stating the same thing). We should not pay any attention to the interpretation that the world gives to our actions. Only our soul and the care that we have for it are responsible for our good; we can be sure that there is only a sin, that is not to obey the dictates of one’s own divinity. This is the sin against God and against our fellow creatures”.

Thanks Federica!

In 2000, I met the Bach flowers for the first time on an agility ground. A veterinarian used to give them to her dog before the competitions. Later, I discovered that they were a natural remedy also for human use. I gathered information about them and attended a course on the subject just for personal purpose. It is an alternative medicine developed by the British physician Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) and based on 38 remedies derived from flowers and chosen according to the different personalities, to the kind of character, and the emotional state of the patient. The rescue remedy is formed by five flowers: cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and star of Bethlehem. People, who know it, usually have the habit to always bring it with themselves. In case of need, it is easy to take the drops at once in any place and circumstance, and it is reassuring to know that they act immediately and effectively.

Namastè  🙂

Paola Morgese, PMP
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
M.S. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

Translation of the Italian blog post: Paola Morgese, I fiori di Bach per animali di Federica



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