Labor Day

Close your eyes and imagine living in a nation based on the well-being of the people, a nation that is free to manage its public money and to distribute it to its inhabitants as it thinks best.

Money is a human invention, it is not a gift of nature and is conventionally used in the exchange of goods and services among people.

Let us assume that every citizen has a dowry at his or her disposal from birth, which allows them to lead a dignified life. For example, if compared with the cost of living at the present time, this amount could be a thousand dollars net per week.

If these citizens are children, this dowry would be managed by their parents. If they have good parents, they will find themselves with some savings, which they will manage when adults. If they have bad parents, they will find their dowry squandered when adults.

If these citizens are adults, they may make important and independent decisions for their life. They could choose to be satisfied with the dowry, which allows them to live with dignity. This would allow them not to work under remuneration, to arrange their time according to their needs, their wishes and their loved ones, and to perform social volunteering.

Adult citizens may decide not to be satisfied with the dowry and to earn more money, choosing a job. They could look for the job that they want most and in the sector that is most congenial to them, both as an employee, as a freelance, and as an entrepreneur.

In any case, they would be free to look for the solution, which satisfies them most. It would not be a constraint, as for most adults now, but a free choice. These adults, who work under remuneration, would do it for personal enjoyment. They would do it because they like their job, or because they like the money. In any case, they would have satisfied a personal wish.

In such a society, most people would be engaged in performing activities that they like, according to their own needs and attitudes, and only for individual choice.

What are the three main benefits that may be there?

  1. The disappearance or the drastic reduction of incompetent, negligent and bully-minded people, who enjoy the privilege of a steady job with a guaranteed salary;
  2. Time management according to personal needs and the retrieval of interpersonal relationships and of the relationship with oneself;
  3. Widespread well-being, satisfaction, and serenity.

What three main disadvantages could be there?

  1. The disappearance or drastic reduction of the buying of votes, which ensures a steady job with a guaranteed salary to incompetent, negligent and bully-minded people;
  2. Devaluation of the power of money;
  3. Free, happier, healthier and richer citizens, therefore less needy and less manipulable.

Now, breathe deeply and reopen your eyes.

It was just a guided meditation.

Namastè! 🙂

Paola Morgese, PMP
Civil Hydraulic Engineer
M.S. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering